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The Way 2 Make Money is: Sell, Sell, Sell !!!


The way you sell anything is through the business you choose to build.


I am recruiting Xero clients.


I have seen numerous businesses fail. Rarely has failure been because the owners lost interest. Usually the failure stems from issues managing the money of the business. helps you do beautiful business.

    Xero helps you make money because your customers can pay you faster online and you get accurate, up to the minute reporting and recording of all your online transactions showing you where your money is coming from and where you spend it. With this knowledge you can make better business decisions. Offline transactions will require manual entry to your account. You can select anyone of your choice to perform this task for you or I can do it for a fee. Just fax or email a summary of the transactions and we do the data entry for you.
Your software fee is $29.95 per month. International $69.95.  Periodic report generation starts at 19.95 per month.  Full service starting from $399.00 monthly. Data entry is billed out at $12.00 per hour.

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