Praise Jesus !!!


Bookkeeper 4 Hire

     If you CAN handle the truth about your numbers, then I can handle your books for you as your bookkeeper.  I view my role a bookkeeper to provide you with accurate and timely information about your numbers for your use. The internet makes it possible for me to do that for you where ever you are.


Don't like bookkeeping?

Are you tired of finding time to reconcile you bank statements and accounts every thirty days.  Do you not enjoy balancing your books every thirty days.  I enjoy and can do both for you in most cases for $39.99 a month + Fees.

Are you interested in help with your bookkeeping?

I actually enjoy organizing large sets of number to visualize  the relationships and trends they can provide. This information can sometimes be useful when trying to decide on a course of action going forward.

But like my father said to me, only once. "Son, sometimes you must just make a decision."